From the INvisible to the visible… 

addresses how all change and Creative Self Expression is birthed from with-IN us. When ‘The Shape-Shifting Giant of the Heavens’ takes Lyria by the hand to teach her ‘The Secret of Bubble Art,’ she connects to her Destiny. When she sees that the Giant’s Big Toe is the Earth, where is the Splinter creating all of the chaos? Before Lyria can complete Master Kyoto’s earth mission, she must solve ‘The Puzzle to LIFE,’ and in doing so, is escorted through the ethers to a place on earth called, Earthgate. Through Master Kyoto’s guidance in The Light Bulb in her Mind,” along with fulfilling his mission, in her Dream-time she travels with a group of Orbs from the Milky Way to locate the splinter in the Shape-Shifting Giant’s BIG TOE (the Earth), and discovers ‘The Key’ for dislodging any splinter of chaos on the earth.

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BEing ‘IN’ CREATION Reviews

5.0 out of 5 stars!


I Loved It! …
This book is perfect for adults and Children.  BEing ‘In’ Creation is a joyful fantasy for anyone seeking to know how to tap into their creativity within. Dorothea’s real poetic gift lies in conveying the most profound truths to the reader, such as how to travel within to find yourself, in the simplest and most whimisical way. Dorothea’s creative use of art as a metaphor is charming, with deeper meanings in her symbolic use of language.
Tracy Hussman, Writer and Editor

An Epic Dreamscape on Paper…
Dorothea Joyce has written a brilliant metaphysical tome with BEing in Creation; a multilayered soul odyssey out of time with a voice for every age. In the guise of a children’s fantasy she takes us on a whimsical cosmic journey addressing every human issue and all the big questions. As an epic dreamscape on paper, one comes away with a constant plethora to ponder. Very original, this book is an engaging and effusively thought provoking read, framed in Lyria’s travels, of giants and star beings, toes and paint `bubbles’, and should well become a timeless classic of metaphysical text on creating our world and ourselves into what we truly desire them to be.
Deborha d’Arms,

A Joyous Grand Adventure…
Dorothea masterfully conveys a depth of understanding of this sacred journey that we share in these human bodies, ever merging mind and heart, as she weaves threads of profound truth and wisdom throughout this brilliantly creative and imaginative story. What joy to experience the characters and to embark on this grand adventure!
Jeannine Michaelson,  Author,  Channel,  Facilitator  &  Speaker