…from the INvisible …to the visible…

© 2012 Dorothea Joyce, All Rights Reserved

Heartgate … The Doorway to Awakening WithIN

…Travel along the Holographic ‘Inner Highways’
of The Heart, Mind and Body  to

the Secrets WithIN …

Genre: Animation, Family, Fantasy, Science Fiction

Protagonists: (Electro-land) Master Kyoto, The Shape Shifting Giant, The Socateers of Electro-land, Socket, Tumi, The Conductor of the Mind, Mr. Body Bing Bolt-the Octopus, The Colorful Orbs, Peach Bubble, Shehimaura. (On Earth) Angeline, The Indian Gatekeeper, Little Red, the orphans of all cultures & kingdoms.

Antagonists: The Shadow Self, The Snake, Red Bubble

Plot: Lyria is summoned by Master Kyoto and is told of a special mission to help solve the chaos on Earth, but she must solve the “Puzzle to Life “ and travel through her heart, mind and body to turn on the ‘Inner-Pilot Light With-In’ before she can embark on her journey to ‘The Orphanage of Oolong’ in Earthgate. From there she “time-travels” in Dream-Time through the ethers and meets ‘The Shape-Shifting Giant of the Heavens’ to discover that the earth is Its Big Toe. A group of Orbs from the Milky Way escort her to find the splinter creating havoc in the Giant’s foot, and riding the waves of turmoil, discover their destiny through ‘The Alchemical Secret of Bubble Art.’

Theme: All change and creativity on the outside is first birthed from withIN

Keywords: Holographic, Magical, Comical, Heart-warming, Uplifting,  Awakening Consciousness.


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…from the visible... to the INvisible…

© 2012 Dorothea Joyce, All Rights Reserved The Heart of Humanity in Unity~

… Enter a Portal of Time where a Sacred Garden, not yet on the map,
holds the secrets of the ‘Celestial City of Lights’ that is to emerge upon
Planet Earth.  Embark on 
a Holographic Journey of the
‘Inner – EYE -magination,’  to turn on the Pilot Light With-IN….

Genre: Animation, Family, Fantasy, Science Fiction

Protagonists:(On Earth) Ma Yhi (Aborigine Woman), Jeannine & Brendel Free & their four children.(From Electro-land) The Eagle, The Shape-Shifting Earth Dolls, Golden Seed, Master Kyoto, The Shape Shifting Giant, Lyria, The Octopus, The Orbs.

Antagonists: (On Earth) The Professor, The Brown Coats, The Alchemically Altered Seeds, (From the Ethers) The Snake, The Wittadalforuses

Plot: In a place on Earth, not yet on the map called Earthgate, a wise Aborigine woman meets a family and guides them on an adventure in ‘The Light Bulb of their Minds’ and to a secret garden. It is here that she takes the children on nightly journeys to experience ‘How to Seed A Dream’, that sets off a chain of events with a quirky scientist trying to uncover ‘The Secret’ of their flourishing garden, and in the process he gets lost in a cosmic wormhole. Will he find his way through ‘The Doorway to Everything’ in Heartgate?

Theme: Everything we see on the earth was ‘Seeded from a Thought or a Dream.’
A Heroic Mission to find out what happens when you manifest a dream from your Heart.

Keywords: Holographic, Magical, Fanciful, Heart-warming, Socially Conscious, Insightful.


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