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Dorothea Joyce

is an award winning songwriter/performer, author, artist & visionary, who has a knack for recognizing and fostering the talents in others.  She was a Gifted child herself, with the ability to find melodies on the piano keys since the age of 3. Born with a talent for singing, she began giving yearly voice/piano concerts since the age of 8, and went on to major in music at Indiana University/Bloomington. She earned additional degrees in music education at Wayne State University, an MA in Music Therapy/NYU and certification in Advanced Energy Medicine/School of Energy Mastery: Dr. Robert Jaffe, MD.

Having traversed the fields of entertainment and advertising, she penned a Gold Record in the Recording Industry, won Clio Awards for her musical signatures in Advertising, and received an award for Best Song with collaborator Lee Holdridge at The Cannes Film Festival.  Being a visionary, she recently received an award for her one woman concert – interarts video – ‘Power Through The Heart’ at The Denver New Age Expo.

In her book trilogy, Dorothea now combines music, art, wisdom, and telepathic sound and light frequencies into the language of universal love. After combining her life experience to compile these works, she has finally come full circle to share with the world how to prepare for a new emerging global/galactic society on the horizon. To see videos, music, reviews, testimonials of her private work, her resume, and youtube channel, go to:

Her books can be ordered through  and

Innovative Marketing Conceptualist
Creative Consultant
Music Producer for Film & Advertising,
Author, Composer, Performer, Facilitator,
Watercolor Artist (Storyboards/Book Covers)

Dorothea also offers…

* Energy Awareness Experiential Training: Indentify & experience your inherent
~Inner Extrasensory Gifts ~ and how to use them to effect positive change and
manifestation in your life.

 * Creative Coaching: Manifest a vision.  All Creation BEgins withIN.  Balance your
personality traits to align with your higher purpose to experience what it is.  Create
your life canvas through authentic self expression.

* Sacred Union & Co-Creative Exchange; The New Paradigm in relationships~ 
Identify and release patterns blocking your communication.  Experience a shift  in
consciousness that brings a greater experiential understanding of the true nature of
Love as a state of BEing.

For info on Private Sessions,
Call: 530-921-0834

Mailing Address:
Dorothea Joyce
404 N. Mount Shasta Blvd. # 131
Mount Shasta, CA 96067


**A Special Thank you to Beloved Heartsong, for co-creating this web site. Beloved Heartsong is a Songwriter/Composer & the Director of the LaHo-Chi Institute of Energy Healing~Empowering others to access the Unified Field of Love withIN.