…From the visible to the INvisible


is a mystical town not yet on the map, and the only way one can find its whereabouts is when an Aborigine Wise Woman appears in Dream-time. Her name is Yhi (pronounced Y-he), meaning the Goddess of Life and Creation. She is the guardian of Mother Earth’s Seed Magic. When she introduces a quirky scientist to the Magic found withIN the Seed of any Creation, he discovers the missing ingredient in his experiments using Mother Earth’s natural resources.


completes this trilogy, when the mystic, Yhi (Y-he) invites the alchemical scientist to come to the evening campfire next to her Sacred Garden in Earthgate. Meeting her there, she takes him on an inner journey, ‘INside of CREATION,’ where they meet up with the Shape-Shifting Giant of the Heavens, who escorts them to Electro-land. Propelled into a dark wormhole, the scientist finds himself in the underworld of the heart where he encounters his anger, hurt, sadness and fear. Seeing through ‘the world of appearances,’ he experiences what it is like to be akin to a physical letter floating around in the broth of a ‘Cosmic Vegetable Soup.’ When he decides to rest inside of the letter ‘O,’ he discovers theSILENCEthat will take him through ‘The Door To Everything. BEing…INside of… CREATION brings him back Home in Communion with his-Self, where he ‘Awakens’ to Experience, first hand, the ‘Real Magic’ that springs LIFE into any Seed of Creation.


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